Word of the Day: Het Schild

A noun meaning “shield” something to protect someone from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.

A perfect word for the last few weeks, I have been using so many factors in my life as a shield. My unhappiness in my current job, being jet-lagged from my trip, the problems friends are having, the lack of partner in my life…

“Oh I’ll do that once I have…”

What unpleasant experience am I trying to protect myself from? Failure? Disappointment? Depression? I need to stop shielding myself from life. I used to use past injuries as a reason not to try, a wall built on past disapointment.


If I continued my life on that course I would not have had the weekend I did, I would not have applied to all those job postings I found, I would not have taken a leap. But I did and at least I have some spicy muscles and some interviews lined up to show for it.


There is power in breaking through het schild.

Probably not the definition anyone was looking for, but that is eh-oh-kay!20180624_124302.jpg

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  1. miley says:

    great blog


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