Word of the Day: De Stress

A noun meaning “stress”.

I apologize for the unexplained gap in posts as of late. I’ve been de stressed. As well, I was on a girls weekend to Kelowna. I had never been to Kelowna so it was a perfectly wonderful treat and escape. But also the breath of fresh air that was just strong enough to make me quit my job.

This job I have (for only the next two weeks) has been nothing but stress, upset, and frustration since I got landed it in January 2017. I really tried to make it work, if anything I fully excelled in it. But I couldn’t handle the stress of taking a majority of the phone calls in our department, and further couldn’t handle how much work I had to do with such little in return. I don’t entirely mean financially.

To pour all your effort and drive in to something to try and make it succeed, then to be completely torn apart by upper management each and every time is just too disheartening. De stress got to me. De stress is what drove me to hand in my notice in response to being asked to sacrifice my values.

But alternatively, it was de stress that is what is now going to drive me into greater things. I relish this new opportunity as I hope you relish yours.




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