Petri Dishes, I’m telling you…

Today was Better.

Most in part due to it being Friday. But today was better.

Got up early, deleted the mind numbing and time-sink games from my phone. Caught the early bus, went and got the boyfriend medication and calamine lotion before work. He caught something between the Chicken Pox and Polio from a kid at their birthday party and now, can’t stop itching long enough to sleep. There’s almost nothing worse than being constantly itchy and sick. Here’s hoping it doesn’t last too much longer for him.

I always knew children were Petri dishes of viral plague. Now I have the proof.

So, in I went to work, lotion in tow, got another verbal lashing about my accuracy level when one of the disciplinarians can’t manage to read any of their 2,000 unread emails. Yes, let’s talk about my shortcomings here…everyone else is beyond reproach clearly. But moving on, I ended up with the whole office to myself for the greater part of the day.

Which was blissful, thanks for asking.

There is something so undeniably productive about having an entire office to yourself. Even going beyond the drought of interruptions, maybe it’s the absence of the stress radiating off other people…

P.S. Did you know the Petri dish was named after German Bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri?

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