Into Day 3 of the Sickness

Day 3 of Foot and Mouth disease.

My work told me I didn’t have to work from home, to just take my time and rest up, so that’s been kind of nice. Though I’d almost relish the distraction from the pain and the itching. It hurts to walk, it hurts to talk, I have lesions all over my body, and no appetite.

… I love food, and I have all this prime time to be eating ramen, burritos, and tacos, but I don’t have an appetite and my through looks like it had a bad crash on its motorcycle without chaps on.

Boyfriend has been fantastic though, hes well on the mend, not itchy anymore or feverish, just in time for me to get it.

I think I’ll go into ways I’ve tried to get the pain and itching to stop:

  1. Hot shower/bath
  2. Cold shower/bath
  3. Lidocaine, cocnut oil, and Aloe literally everywhere
  4. TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Moist Mist (I really doubt it’s helping but at least its moisturizing? and smells nice? and cute?)
  5. I DEW CARE Goodbye Blemish (if only I could just coat myself in this and peel off all the soreness too…)
  6. Soaking my feet in greek yogurt (don’t judge, this actually helped a lot with the pain and inflamation)
  7. Tea soaks/baths with some essential oils thrown in


Still in pain, couldn’t sleep last night, and looking for more options on how to get this over with.

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