Word of the Day: Met Jou

Expression meaning “by your side”

Like yesterday, the word of the day was something I could easily relate to my day. By your side, a wonderful phrase. It has such fantastic potential, and such positive connotations.

When would being by someones side be a bad thing?

Today I had the pleasure of being on both the giving and receiving end of the expression. I had a horrific migraine yesterday and had to leave work early. Today when I came in everyone on my team wanted to know how I was and if there was anything they could help me with, it felt good having my team by my side.

This afternoon I was able to help my friend by delivering some mail that had been sent to the office, I stayed for a visit with them and helped them with their resume and job applications. As well, I was able to be by another friends side as they came to terms and faced their depression.

It seems that on each side of the expression there can be positivity, for that I will remember “met jou“.


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