Word of the Day: De Roos

A noun meaning “target”.

It seems as though the world is surrounded by targets. We’re born at a fast pace, hitting the ground running, our parents, our doctors, and teachers always measuring our progress. Making sure we hit de roos.

Then we finally graduate, get our degrees. We get a moment of satisfaction and a brief glimmer of relaxation. Then suddenly we’re in the workforce. Targets and quotas coming at you from all sides. How much do our targets aid us? Or are they a distraction from true productivity?

What would a world without targets be?

Now for a little post script addition:

A world that judges you solely based on targets cannot be maintained and certainly isn’t healthy. That’s why the topic has me so riled.

Self imposed targets aren’t the problem. If anything those are healthy. So I say down with the targets of others. And up with the targets of your own.

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