Word of the Day: de Basilicum

A noun meaning “Basil”

Such a perfect little word of the day for me! It’s officially been 7 months since I got my little basil plant named Alfred. I made deal with myself that if I could keep a basil plan alive for at least a year then I could consider growing and nurturing a bonsai tree.

I won’t even let myself select a type of tree until around the 11 month mark of this baby training plant.

Alfred has been good, he even survived my Ireland/ Netherlands trip in May and June. I did do the responsible plant parent thing and found a proper plant sitter in my building.

I conned my friend Roy.

He’s an engineer and insisted on directions, I’ve attached them below for your entertainment. So here’s to de basilicum everyone! May your pesto be as wonderful as mine!



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  1. I eternally struggle to keep my plants alive. Congrats on 7 months!


    1. Fiona Murray says:

      Oh believe me, this was definitely a struggle. Poor little Alfred has to tolerate a heck of a lot.

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