Word of the Day: Zo Snels Als

A conjunction meaning “as soon as”

I’ve been finding myself saying this conjunction a lot lately. I said I would do so many things zo snel als I quit my miserable job. Then zo snel als I find a new job.. and it goes on. There are so many things I was set on doing, it’s very likely time to stop doing that.


I did get a new job though, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s so fun, challenging, and the people I’m with are wonderful. But that also means it’s really time to stop putting things off. Like this blog, like the many crafts I love doing, my fitness.

Zo snel als ends today.


As an aside, here’s a photo of the latest project on my spinning wheel, it’s 50/50 mohair merino.

Definitely hit me up if you want to talk crafts or life crises.


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