Day 5, I’m Starting to be Human Again

I am less itchy.

I slept last night and I didn’t need to get hopped up on Nyquil to do it! I’m still covered in the lesions but new ones have stopped appearing and my throat seems to have cleared up, I even ate toast without pain.

As my first act as a slightly less ill (but still contagious) human, I’m going to review the following newly released list.

20 Best Resturants in Calgary – 2019

  1. Alloy – Haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard fancy things.
  2. Anju – I have been for brunch, dinner, late night bites, drinks. Literally everything is good about this Korean Fusion place. I also can’t get enough of their general aesthetic. 
  3. Bar Von Der Fels – I haven’t been yet but I have been an avid follower of their Instagram account. 
  4. Blink Restaurant & Bar – Me and my friend Matt tried to go once, but they weren’t open that day for some reason?
  5. Bread and Circus Trattoria – The boyfriend has been, he liked it, he definitely thinks it would feed my love affair with carbs. 
  6. Bridgette Bar – So good! Such a nice atmosphere, very eclectic, and they have adorable little branded matchboxes in the bathrooms. An amenity I never knew I wanted. 
  7. Cassis Bistro – I’ve never actually heard of this one. So that’ll be neat when I eventually go. 
  8. Deane House – 100% have walked by this on the way back from the Blues Can, definitely thought it was some local museum since it’s a heritage building. 
  9. Foreign Concept – I haven’t been yet, but have also heard great things. 
  10. Mercato – There is tasty wine, and tasty food. ‘Nuff said. 
  11. Model Milk – Subtly ensconced in scandal lately, maybe I’ll finally be able to get a table?
  12. Modern Steak – They’ve just opened up that nifty location on Stephen Ave so I might actually have to pay it another visit. I’ve also heard tell of an uncomfortably purple drink… #sold.
  13. Native Tongues – I can’t ever say anything bad about tacos, they are close to becoming my blood type. And this place definitely has some rockin’ tacos. 
  14. Pigeonhole – This one was already on my list to try in 2019, it’s one of the top resturants in Canada right now. 
  15. River Café – Have definitely been there for brunch with my parents, it’s so beautiful, right in the heart of Princes Island Park. 
  16. Rouge – Haven’t been yet, but it’s not far from the Boyfriend’s house so we’re definitely going to try it. 
  17. Shokunin – I have been…. A great many times…. mostly late at night and while not completely sober. Highly recommend. The head chef was also the winner of that Netflix show The Final Table. 
  18. Teatro – Going here was my Birthday/Christmas present form the boyfriend, we’re more into experiences rather than things. This resturant definitely delivered and I am still thinking about the delicious mushrooms we had as an appetizer. 
  19. Ten Foot Henry – Great food, great atmosphere, one of my friends should just rent a table monthly from here with the amount of times he goes. The sweet potatoe pie is quite wonderful. 
  20. The Nash and Off Cut Bar – Hot damn I enjoy The Nash, we’ve had a few dates here and I just love it. The atmosphere is cool, the history of the building gives you a real easy icebreaker, and the food…. Perfect. 


Maybe I’ll consider making my own lists about my home city next time because I definitely think some resturants are missing from this list. I also feel that to only pick 20 really doesn’t do this city justice for the amazing food scene that’s been growing.


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