Day Billion of Being Sick

That feeling when you’re no longer feeling sick, but can’t go back in to work until you can see your doctor and they clear you for being around people.

I have never been more ready to go back to work. Staying home might be the worst thing. I’m at the point of trying to find more crafts to do. Heck, today I might even start crocheting a holster for my Clorox wipes. Maybe that’ll convince people that I’m ready to be out of quarantine.

Realistically, I’ll probably take my donation stuff to the Women in Need and resume purging my belongings. You know, since I’m into year three of minimizing. Then I’ll consider folding my laundry, and maybe I’ll putz on my tablet and maybe draw something.

I cannot even fathom what people on Long Term Disability do, I’ve only been off 6 work days and I’m going mental. Alfred the basil plant has never looked better though.


Send Halp.

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