New Idea Alert!

Hi all,

So I’ve been taking some time during this period of unemployment to clean out my house and go through some career counselling. I’d rather take my time and intentionally end up in a field, and role, that I love.

But in this clean out, I’ve been going through some of the items I’ve inherited. Such as this adorable little vest pocket dictionary (Pictured Below). It doesn’t have a copywrite date on it. From what I can tell, it’s pre-1982 but post World War One as it lists Dominion Day rather than Canada Day and has Remberance Day listed in the holidays section. Doesn’t really narrow it down to much, but moving on.


My plan is to go through the dictionary word by word and just discuss it, and it’s meaning/cultural revelence in both mine, and Canada’s history.

I’m hoping it’ll be a bit of fun.

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