Day Two of Freedom or… Being Unemployed

You know, by and large, this whole unemployment thing isn’t too bad for now. Sure I’m low key nervous about how long my savings will last. But hey! At least I have savings right?

My best friend helped me sort out my EI yesterday (She used to work there so she knows how to actually get on the darn site). I got a lot of other administrative things done and legal paperwork sent off, and I applied for jobs. around 20 actually.

Today I’m hoping to be even more productive. I’ve got two loads of laundry on the go. And I’m hoping to get all the laundry done and put away and the rest of the house cleaned up. I’m also hoping to drop off a few loads to be donated to finally get this hope more minimal. Maybe after that there’ll be time for some crafts.

Overall, I feel like this will be a good experience for me.

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  1. Hey! I like ur blog and just followed it…pls. follow my blog as well, buddy. I will keep up with ur blog. Thanks…😀

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    1. Fiona Murray says:

      Will do Friend!


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