Whoooa Man, Don’t Even Get Me Started.

Today’s word is abandon. The lil Vest Pocket Dictionary defines it as “to forsake”, once again, quite to the point. I’m down with it.

Merriam-Webster defines it as both a noun and a verb, what a power word. Generally the old definition stands, as the current dictionary lists various iterations of “to cease, to give up, to forfit”. So Vest Pocket Dictionary FTW.

Anyways, this word is cool because I, like many overly sheltered North American White Girls™, thor·ough·ly enjoy abandoned buildings and urban exploration. Because we like being one of the first to go in horror movies apparently.


So rather than finding a stock photo of an abandoned building or rambling at length on a subject that isn’t in my area of expertise, I’ll share a link to my favorite urban explorers blog.


Give this dude a look, he’s been giving me the spooks for years in the best way.



Not sponsored, just seriously such a Motts fangirl.

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