Abase-ically a New Word

Today’s word was abase, which was another that I had never heard of. It means “to humble” according to my tiny dictionary.

This word came on the scene in the 14th century but has changed meanings over the years. Originally meaning something along the lines of “to lower yourself physically” to the more modern definition of lowering yourself in rank or prestige.

I have to admit, as happy as I currently am, losing my job last month did humble me. I failed, I was not good enough. Realistically, I needed this experience. Through this I have been able to explore other career options and have realized that the insurance world is definitely not the realm I belong in and that I wouldn’t have been happy long term.

It was really just a job for me.

To be humbled is a healthy part of life. Without it we wouldn’t be given the opportunity to improve and grow, or to find the right paths for ourselves. To be abased is to be offered the chance of change and opportunity. And I am so thankful for it.


This has been such a creative time for me, so I feel like I can share. Here’s one of my more recent projects, it’s been a great reminder.


If you want to follow my wood burning projects, my Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/lil.wood.tings/

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