Abashes Abound

Today’s word, shockingly another “A” word. Abash which in the tiny dictionary is defined as “to confuse”. It is a verb but can also mean “to embarass or feel ashamed”.

Right now I’m trying to remember the last time I truly felt embarassed. I could fall to the default of “when I lost my job” but I see that as a sort of failure from all sides of that employment situation. But I will admit it did leave me distinctly confused.

Not going to work every day has definitely been a confusing situation. When you get in your rhythm of getting up every day and being on task or completing tasks for 8 hours, then coming home. It’s very strange and confusing to deal with an open day on a consistent basis.

But after getting used to it, I’ve noticed my creativity coming back, I create something new every day, and I turn that abashed feeling into something I can see as productive.

Not every abashing moment has to be as Merriam-Webster defines it:

“to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of (someone)”

Just live your life with the pocket dictionary definition of being confused, it’s a lot less destructive.


Thanks all.

Grey Metal Hammer

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