Week One of “Back to the Trenches”

You know, having over a week off really nails down how much you’re not in love with your job or your commute. Being sick for well over a week also grants you the opportunity to think about what things you really enjoy spending your time doing.

What activities make you feel productive?

What activities make you feel fulfilled?

If money were no object, how would you allocate your time?

Chances are, none of the answers to the above are what is listed as “current” on your resume.

It’s definitely not listed on mine.

But what would be my answers?

Creating things. Be that spinning on my wheel, wood burning a new project, knitting or crocheting, writing, drawing, or painting. Riding/spending time with the Pony and volunteering at the Humane Society. Spending time with loved ones, traveling, and working out.

None of those things are currently in my job description. But why can’t they be?




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