A Glass Case of Emotions?

I was fired today..

So that’s definitely something. I’ve never been fired before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Technically I’m not allowed to talk about it. So that’s where that story ends legally.

But me, being me. Couldn’t be normal about it whatsoever.

I kept my composure the entire time, and was told that my empathy in such a situation was admirable.

But the first thing I did? Other than text my spouse, parents, and close friends. 

Start making my to do list. The HR at the unnamed company was trying to comfort me about this while I was internally formulating my next steps. What needed to be done, what household things I wanted to finish when I got home to foster my job search, what bills I had coming up, what date my medication prescription was coming on.

What shocked me was my lack of anger at the situation. What surprised me even though it shouldn’t have was my friends outpouring of support and help.

I already have some promising job prospects to look into and it’s only been an hour since I was let go.

Things will be okay.

I will grow from this.

I will be better than those who let me go.

But I’ll probably ramble mindlessly here for the next while.

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